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    iCafe Rumble R3 REGISTRATION S...

    30 June 2015 , by Admin

    Here’s the list of pending teams who registered in the iCafe Rumble R3. Please take note that these teams are still pending, meaning, they still need to confirm their team application. You will need to wait for a call/text from our staff today to confirm your team application. The staff needs to call/text you first before you do, otherwise we...

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    iCafe Rumble R3

    26 June 2015 , by Admin

    iCAFE RUMBLE R3  REQUIREMENTS: ➲ Open to 32 Teams backed by an operating iCafe. ➲ Each team needs to have at least 4 main members. ➲ Having 1 backup member is optional. ➲ Backups, when registered, can no longer represent another iCafe. ➲ Team members can only join 1 team. ➲ All participants need to provide their COMPLETE personal information.  ...

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    Banhammer List 6/23

    25 June 2015 , by Admin

    Banned users list as of June 23, 2015 List 1 List 2 List 3 List 4 SilentLaw08 BHBuoTaN RSAF109 lFallingInLovel icebox347 lSYNTONiZEDl MonTeNoZa09 LoVeYuo ImBack DavetoOt l3LinSm0Ker KernelMc lPplEuroCent Crazy1zT underworld09 HUBAGpasBUTOY TheENFORCER Ainee lAsherl xx2kxx lorjan123 lExolDuSxlD lMeekoW26l KingJim FirstHack3r 1stkill146 GKAlm BOnyORd...

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