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    iCafe Rumble Champions

    18 May 2015 , by Admin

    Congratulations to Team Dandan for winning the championship of first iCafe Rumble! Later this month we’ll be announcing the next Rumble Event! facebook post: http://bit.ly/wricafewinner1

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    Event Update: iCafe Rumble

    14 May 2015 , by Admin

    ➲ Few changes for the iCafe Rumble this coming weekend. To lessen the gap between veteran gamers and newcomers, we’ll be tossing in 7-day goodies at your disposal. Note, these will only be given to verified participants of the tournament and not just everyone.   ➲ As for the restriction, concerns were raised regarding the Heavy & Med...

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    WRCash Expiration & Top U...

    13 May 2015 , by Admin

    [Update 5/13/2015 2:20PM] ➲ On May 19, 2015 [Tuesday]. War Rock Philippines will finally be enabling its Top Up system with the use of Leadhope PH Cards. If you have an existing balance in your account, you should see the exact same value in your War Rock Game Cash and ready for use, no transfers or allocation required.   ➲...

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