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    [Update] Escape from Exile

    1 August 2015 , by k c

    Hi Rockers! Due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, we have been forced to cancel the the Escape from Exile Event. We’ll be giving compensations to those who registered in the event. The following teams who registered are: # Team Name IGN 2 Nolvie IloveNavim lPplQuenForever lSlHlAlRlKl # Team Name IGN 3 Gamblers XxAgent321xX rOckN...

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    [EVENT] Biggest Spender

    30 July 2015 , by Admin

    Are you ready Rockers!? Here’s your once in a lifetime opportunity to get a hold of these weapons! Be one of the top 10 biggest spenders from July 30 to Aug 02. Starting today (7/30/2015) until Sunday (8/2/2015), the top ten highest spender in the Cash Shop will receive the following prizes! ☑ DSR1TC_LEAF (7days) ☑ AK47TC_TIGER (7days) ☑ G36G...

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    [Event] Escape From Exile

    28 July 2015 , by Admin

    Escape from Exile Ang Isla ni Evil Eyfaege Ikaw at ang mga kasamahan mo ay nadakip at kinulong sa isang prison island sa bahagi ng Scarborough Shoal. Ang naturing prison island ay pagaari ng isang E-Enterprise, mas kilala sa pangalang Evil Enterprise na pinamumunuan ni Evil GM Eyfaege. Ang layunin ng bilangguang ito ay i-transform ang mga nilalang ...

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